welding on fence brackets

If putting a fence on your concrete sleeper retaining wall is an after thought you don't need to try and pull all your sleepers out to attach fence brackets.
We have a service were our mobile welding team can bring the brackets to site ,slide them down the post and weld them on.
All welds are wire brushed and sprayed with cold gal spray.
We can supply and weld brackets or you can supply the brackets and we can weld them on.

minimum charge of 5 brackets

Dimensions Price
3mm straight fence bracket supplied and welded $34.50 each
6mm straight fence bracket supplied and welded $37.00 each
6mm offset fence bracket supplied and welded $44.00 each

Retaining wall post extensions

Have you built a wall to realize that it is not high enough ? don't rebuild the wall get our welding team to come to site and weld extensions on.
we keep all different material and extension sizes in stock .
All extensions are welded all the way around if accessible.
welds are cleaned up and sprayed with cold gal.
(we take no responsibility on the engineering changes by making walls higher)
min charges apply

Wall Height Post Size "H" Post "C" Post 90 Degree 45 Degree
0.2m extension 100uc and 100pfc 0.2m $44.00 each supplied and welded $33.00 each supplied and welded $66.00 each supplied and welded $66.00 each supplied and welded

Cutting down or shortening posts

If you have made your posts to high or completely put your posts in the wrong spot, rather than pulling posts out we can

- shorten your post by neatly cutting it down with our experienced fabricators, posts will be cleaned up and sprayed with cold gal

- removal rather than pulling the hole post and concrete out of the ground we can cut the post off at ground height and remove the steel.
We can also bring out replacement posts at an extra cost.

Dimensions Price
All post shortening and cut downs are done on hourly rate or quote $80+gst p/h + travel

General welding

Let our team of welders take care of any welding needs

-welding 2x C-posts together to make a corner posts

-welding C-posts to H-posts to make a T-section

-Auger repairs and hard facing

Dimensions Price
All general welding is done on hourly rate +travel $80.00+gst p/h +travel time

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