string line 100m

Lufkin string line (pink)

string lines are essential for building a retaining wall for getting your heights, levels and your posts on the correct lean.

Dimensions Price
100m long $8.50ea

Magnetic 9inch level

Fuller Magnetic level

magnetic levels are a must have when building a retaining wall to get your posts level.

The magnet means the level will stick to your post while you set them.

Dimensions Price
9 inch magnetic level $15.00 each

Magnetic levil 10 inch adjustable

Stabila adjustable Magnetic level

Magnetic levels are a must when building a retaining wall to level your posts.

The magnet sticks the side of the post to free up your hand to set the post correctly

the adjustable level can be set at the correct angle to get the right angle on your posts

Dimensions Price
10 inch magnetic $100.00 each

Line marking spray

spot marking spray (signet) Blue 350g

marking spray is essential for retaining wall and is used for marking out your wall to drill your post holes.

Dimensions Price
350g blue $10.00ea

Line marking spray

marking spray (signet) Pink

Line marking spray is essential for building retaining walls to mark out your post holes.

Dimensions Price
350g pink $10.00ea

line marking paint

Line marking paint (signet) yellow 500g

Line marking paint is essential for retaining walls for marking out post holes

Dimensions Price
500g yellow $12.50

cold gal spray

cold gal spray 370g

cold gal is used to spray any steel area that has been cut or welded as a rust prevention.

Dimensions Price
370g gal $12.50

star pickets and safety caps

Star pickets are used for the layout of walls and to get the angle of your retaining wall by putting a picket either end of your wall and running a string line.

star pickets are also used for safety purposes to put up yellow barrier mesh to bunt off a work area.

safety caps are another safety product to cover the sharp edges of a star picket.

Dimensions Price
yellow picket cover $2.00 each
1.2m star picket $8.00 each
1.8m star picket $10.00ea

safety barrier mesh (orange)

Safety barrier can be used to section off a work area.

This is not a safety fence this is just a high visibility bunting.

Dimensions Price
1m high 50m long $55.00

trowel 175mm

gauging trowel 175mm

The trowel is an essential for building a retaining wall and is used for one of the most important processes of the retaining wall.

when your post hole concrete is setting the trowel is used to create your pads at the bottom of the post .

The pad is were your first concrete sleeper sits.

Dimensions Price
trowel 175mm $20.00 each

Tape measure 8m

Lufkin big boss extra wide tape measure 8m

The tape measure is an essential for all steps in building a retaining wall.

The Lufkin is a top of the range extra wide sturdy 8m tape measure.

Dimensions Price
8m $25.00

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