plain concrete seconds sleepers

1990x200x75 plain Concrete sleeper seconds

2390x200x75 plain Concrete sleepers

some have small chips ,marks , hair line cracks

Mostly cosmetic but still structural. Seconds are seconds and non refundable

Dimensions Price
1990x200x75 $22.00 each
2390x200x75 $29.00 each

mocha Timber look seconds

1590x200x75 Mocha timber look seconds

Dimensions Price
1590x200x75 $22.00each

smooth face (storm grey seconds)

Smooth face (storm grey seconds) sleepers are made from 40mpa concrete with 2x12mm reinforced bars inside

available in 1990x200x75

sleepers are in great condition and are just excess from an order not collected.

Dimensions Price
1990x200x75 $25.00 each

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